Sector-specific solutions



Ensuring fast, reliable transport of aerospace and aviation equipment around the world requires greater international expertise to avoid unnecessary downtime. Trust FedEx !



We meet the demands of a justintime organization. We help companies synchronize the delivery of automotive components from multiple markets. Our expertise ensures that there are no interruptions in the international supply chain, thanks to rapid customs clearance, appropriate documentation, precise labeling and specific product description


Aware of the importance of the crafts sector in Morocco and its contribution to the Moroccan economy, FedEx Maroc aims to be a reliable partner for all Moroccan crafts exporters.

To contribute to the growth of this sector, FedEx has set up a sectorspecific price offer intended exclusively for exports of products made by Moroccan craftsmen. Join FedEx in its promotion of Moroccan craftsmanship in the 220 countries and territories it serves.


By being the forerunners in this market and offering innovative web solutions such as FedEx Ship Manager and FedEx Insight, FedEx has a definite expertise in ecommerce and can effectively help you break into new ecommerce markets. Join FedEx in its conquest of the Web

High Tech

Transporting computers, semiconductors and office equipment requires a wellorchestrated network. Because the products you ship are hightech and highvalue, your customers will appreciate fast processing. Take advantage of FedEx’s expertise


FedEx’s primary objective is to provide fast, reliable transportation of your samples and urgent orders worldwide at unbeatable rates. Entrust your urgent shipments to FedEx with complete peace of mind.


Recognizing the importance of the pharmaceutical industry, FedEx understands that your shipments are urgent and require an endtoend shipping solution that meets your requirements for speed, visibility and security. Entrust your urgent shipments to FedEx with complete peace of mind.