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How can I track my latest parcels ?

You can track your parcel at any time using our tracking tool on : The direct link

www.fedex.com/en-ma/, or via the Magic application, which can be installed in your home free of charge.

What forms of payment can I use for Globex services ?

You can pay the shipping costs as well as the duties and taxes by the 4 methods:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Bill of exchange
  • Bank transfer

Which items cannot be sent by Courrier International ?

As a safety precaution, FedEx does not recommend shipments of prohibited, restricted or dangerous goods to any destination.

For more information, please download and read our list of prohibited and restricted items.


What do the customs terms used by Globex mean?

We do all that we can to communicate simply and clearly but from time to time, we are obliged to use industry terms. Please consult or downold our glossary whitch contains a list of all the terms we use.

What is IP?

Globex offers you Express IPF (International Priority® Freight) service. Dedicated to heavy or bulky shipments, from 68 kg to 1,000 kg per unit, with a maximum parcel size per package of 302 cm in length, 203 cm in width and 178 cm in height, packed on pallets, in crates or made up of multiple
bulky packages. Count on express delivery with guaranteed lead times, including customs clearance.


D+1: Removal before cutofftime

D+2: after cutofftime


What is an IPF ?

Doortodoor express, timedefinite, customscleared service for all your worldwide shipments up to 68 kg per parcel, with a height of less than 157 cm, a width of less than 157 cm, and a length of less than 274 cm.


  • J0: Removal before cutofftime
  • J+1: after cutofftime

How can I make an express shipment with Globex?

You can take advantage of Globex’s shipping services by using one of the following methods : 

  • Download and use our free FedEx website to prepare your shipment just the way you want it..
  • Call your nearest local Globex office using the locator and request a package pickup
  • You can also drop off your package at the nearest Globex office

Where can I find FSM software?

  • It’s an online application for shipping, tracking and reporting on your shipments.
  • This application saves valuable time and improves your productivity by printing your results and saving shipment information to facilitate future shipments.
  • Your Globex account manager will install and train you free of charge.

What's the difference between actual weight and dimensional weight?

The real weight is the weight of the parcel, whereas the volumetric weight takes into account the dimensions of the parcel (H * L * L / 5000)

Is my personal data in safe hands with Globex ?

At Globex FedEx, confidentiality is taken extremely seriously. We do our utmost to ensure that your personal information, including identification data, postal or email coordinates, telephone numbers or any other information you provide on our website or in our offices, is not shared or communicated
to any person or organization

What should I do if my shipment has disappeared?

In case of loss or damage, we strongly recommend that you contact Customer Service immediately for prompt assistance.

Customer Service will review the process and investigate to locate the lost package.

They will process the claim and take further action or corrective action if necessary.

What can cause an online trader to delay delivery?

  • Customs inspection
  • Parcel blocked for customs formalities or authorization required by the Ministry
  • Incorrect address
  • Customer not present

Are there any restrictions or limitations on the value of certain packages

  • All FedEx Express International shipments (parcels or freight) containing jewelry/valuable items are
    limited to a maximum declared value for transport of USD 1,000 per shipment or USD 20 per kg, whichever is greater. The customer may declare a value in excess of 1000 USD by insuring the item.

Why should I store my products in a Globex warehouse?

By storing your items in Globex warehouses, you benefit from the following advantages:

  1. We take responsibility for the accurate receipt of items from your suppliers. This gives you an independent thirdparty assessor.
  2. We assume responsibility for the security of the inventory in Globex’s custody. The accuracy of your inventory management is immediately improved.
  3. We reduce your customer management expenses by overseeing warehousing operations
  4. We give you access to one of the largest domestic networks in the region
  5. Save on capital and infrastructure investments

What services does Globex offer?

Globex offers the following logistics services:

  • Inbound freight and customs clearance
  • Warehousing and storage
  • Logistics consulting
  • Delivery service
  • Customs clearance and home delivery
  • Doortodoor delivery
  • Doortoairport delivery
  • Airporttodoor delivery
  • Airporttoairport delivery

What types of items cannot be stored in Globex warehouses?

Globex warehouses are built in accordance with local safety regulations, therefore the following products may not be stored in our buildings:

  • Dangerous substances requiring special storage conditions
  • Explosives
  • Waste materials
  • Living tissue
  • Human remains
  • Live fish
  • Live pets
  • Pornography
  • Shipments prohibited by law, statute or regulation

    Can I clear my parcel through customs myself or through my customs agent?

    Of course. You can opt for customs clearance by yourself or by a third party
    If I’m expecting different parcels, is it possible to drop them off at the same destination ?

      If I am expecting different packages, it is possible to drop them off at the same destination.

      Yes. It’s possible.

        How will I be informed when my parcel arrives?

        Customer Service informs our valued clients of parcel arrivals by telephone or email.

        The information can also be communicated via the Insight application, which can be installed in your home free of charge.

          How long do I have to collect my parcel?

          • The custody period is five working days.
          • This period may be extended if the customer is out of town, up to a maximum of ten days.
          • If the parcel is in bond, the time limit is 45 days.

            Can my parcel be collected on my behalf by another person who has my collection code?

            Customers are advised to collect their parcels themselves. However, if necessary, another person can collect the parcel if they have the PIN and QR codes you received by SMS or email, as well as your cell phone number.

            In this case, it is your responsibility to provide the necessary information to the third party who will pick up the package for you. Globex is not responsible for stolen or lost packages.

            Where are Globex Agencies located?

            You can find the list of locations on the Interactive MAP inside page

            Interactive map

            Can I ship from any city in the world?

            By following this link, you will find FedEx locations worldwide.


            FedEx employs more than 325,000 people worldwide at 375 airports in 220 countries and territories.

            What is the weight limit for Globex shipments?

            Refer to our glossary below, which contains a list of all the terms employed :


            AWB : « Air Way Bill » FedEx waybill.

            BC : « Bill Consignee » Shipment paid for by the consignee.

            BL: « Bon à délivrer » Unloading slip, placing the goods at the customer’s disposal.

            BS: « Bill Sender » Shipment paid for by the shipper.

            CDG: Charles de Gaulles airport.

            CONS: Parcel consolidation.

            COT: « Cut Off Time », This is the time at which a task must absolutely stop, in order to be able to catch up with the next task. There are several COTs: reservation, pickup, flight, etc.

            D&T : « Duties & Taxes » Customs duties and taxes payable to the customs authorities.

            DEX: « Delivery Exception » No delivery.

            DUM: Single declaration of goods.

            FDA: Food and Drug Administration, document accompanying the invoice for shipments containing food or medicines destined for the USA.

            FSM: « FedEx Ship Manager » is a simplified online shipping tool, helping customers to
            prepare their shipments

            HAL: « Hold At Location », Parcel in custody.

            HV : « High Value » Import parcel blocked by Moroccan customs due to its high value.

            IE: « International Economy », Economic department.

            IP: FedEx International Priority. Packages weighing up to 68 kg

            IPF: FedEx International Priority Freight. Packages weighing more than 68 Kg

            LTA:  « Airway Bill ».

            LV: « Low Value » Import parcel not requiring customs clearance due to low value.

            MPS: multiple Package Shipment, several pieces/packages.

            MV: « Medium Value » Import parcel not requiring customs clearance due to low value.

            OCE: Export Control and Coordination.

            ODA: « Out Delivery Area », parcels handed over to subcontractors for delivery.

            OPS: Operations Officer.

            POD: « Proof of Delivery »

            PUP: « Pick Up » Collection of documents and parcels from customers.

            PUX: « Pick up Exception » Pickup after COT.

            RAM: Royal Air Maroc.

            RPI: : « Remote Pick Up / Import collect» Operation which consists in requesting the import of a parcel by Globex and ensuring the payment of transport costs in Morocco..

            SRG: Service Reference Guide: Contains all the information you need about shipping to and from the countries we serve.

            TC: « Transport Charges » Transport costs.

            TP: « Third Party » Shipment paid for by a third party.




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