An ecological approach to preserving

our beloved planet!

The use of electric motorcycles

Sustainable development

As part of its commitment to protecting the environment, Globex is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To this end, a fiveyear plan to replace all vehicles with electric ones has been put in place for 2020. The entire motorcycle fleet has been replaced by electric vehicles. Let’s move forward together while respecting our planet !

A wide range of packaging

Recyclable packaging

FedEx Envelope Can contain up to 60 A4 pages.
Total weight (including contents, documentation and envelope) must not exceed 500g.
The preferential FedEx Envelope rate applies up to this weight limit.
Inside dimensions : Height 24.1 cm and Width 31.8 cm

FedEx Pak & Padded Pak

Recyclable Packaging

1. Ideal for bulky documents and other compact objects.

2. Total weight (including contents, documentation and envelope) must not exceed 2.5 kg.

3. Preferential FedEx Pak rate applies up to this weight limit

4. Inside dimensions: Height 30.5 cm and Width 39.4 cm

5. Inside dimensions: Height 29.8 cm and Width 39.3 cm




FedEx Small, Medium & large Box

SMALL: Ready-to-use box holds 1 reel of film, small documents, catalogs, files, videos and CDs .

MEDIUM: Ready-to-use box holds binders, books and bulky documents

LARGE: Ready-to-use box for bulky documents, printer output, machine parts, etc.

o Inside dimensions SMALL: Width 27.6 cm, Length 31.1 cm,
Height 3.8 cm.
o Inside dimensions MEDIUM: Width 29.2 cm, Length 33 cm,

Height 6 cm.
o Interior dimensions LARGE: Width 31.4 cm, Length 45.4 cm,
Height 7.6 cm.
NB : Maximum weight SMALL & MEDIUM: 9 kg
Maximum weight LARGE: 13 kg. Minimum weight charged is 1 kg.

FedEx Tube

Ready-to-use tube to hold drawings, plans, photos, fabric samples and any other items it's 2.Preferable to roll rather than fold.

o Interior dimensions: Length 96.5 cm, Width 15.2 cm, Height 15.2 cm.
o Maximum weight: 9 kg. Minimum weight charged is 4 kg.

FedEx Box 10 kg & 25 Kg



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